How To Buy A Kelowna Waterfront Home

lake front properties5 Tips for purchasing a Kelowna waterfront property

It might prove to be quite challenging when it comes to buying a house given that there is a constant change in the rules at present. Apart from regulations, we need to consider other aspects as well prior to purchasing any property. Below, we have mentioned some useful guidelines on how to buy a Kelowna waterfront house or condo that can make you feel proud as an owner.

1. Employ a BC Lawyer

The first thing that one ought to do before buying an apartment will be to employ a legal practitioner by paying him a certain amount of money. An average customer will not be able to understand things like title searches, approvals from the authorities, land use agreements, taxation and so on. However, you can easily rely on a lawyer who will be able to guide you properly on topics related to the purchasing of properties. A property title search will help you to understand shore line rights.

2. Estimate of Total Ownership Cost

The total ownership expenses will include not only the builder quotes but parking fees, registration charges, stamp duty, property tax, maintenance fees, and so forth. In fact, all these can consist of over 20% of the property’s bare cost. Furthermore, one must likewise be able to comprehend the property’s final usable area especially if it is under construction. On most occasions, the sale will consider only the super built-up area which can affect the total cost of ownership in the long run.

3. Neighbors

You must always check whether your next-door neighbors are like-minded or belong to the same age group as yours. Neighbors that are of different mental setup can start fighting with one another thus leading to undesirable consequences eventually. If the neighbors are not homogeneous, it will be impossible to take decisions on the maintenance of the house, parking spaces, and the number of securities, using escalators, allowing pets, and so forth. Also, the income levels of the would-be neighbors should be almost similar to that of yours thus avoiding any sort of ill-feeling towards each other.

4. Kelowna Lakeshore Locations

It is imperative to talk to the watchman of any particular building we are interested in regarding the condition of water supply, domestic help facilities, electricity supply, neighboring grocery outlets, fitness centers, health clinics, schools, colleges, and so on. We should also find out whether any existing small neighboring building has the potential to be transformed into a taller one in future that can block our view permanently. In case you are purchasing the house as an investment, try to visualize through the eyes of your prospective tenant whether he will be impressed by the location of that property. Also, the location of the house near any railway station and shopping mall will be an added advantage.

5. Be Familiar with your builder

Any reputable real estate company or your builder particularly in Canada has the ability to offer you a dream abode without any problem whatsoever. Even though you might require paying a premium, a competent builder is definitely worth the premium when taking into account a life investment plus a stress-free life. Moreover, it would be a sensible idea to perform research on any other project delivered by the builder or which is still under construction, and this can be done by talking to the other house buyers in the locality.

We happen to be a real estate company based in Canada which will make the process of purchasing any apartment absolute fun and free from any hassles whatsoever. Our real estate agents are going to guide you through the entire process while dealing with any problematic area along the way.