Financing For Kelowna Home Purchase – Facts You Must Know


Buying and Financing a Kelowna House


It can be quite daunting to purchase your first home, and in fact, the majority of the individuals become quite overwhelmed at these times. However, you can make the process simpler by taking a realistic look at what you will be able to afford as well as how you will be paying for it. Similar to many other individuals, you can opt for financing for home purchase with a mortgage loan. In the following paragraphs, we have thrown some light on this particular topic in detail.

Types of Mortgages

1. Conventional mortgage

This will apply to those situations where the amount of the loan is less than 80% of the value of the Kelowna Home property which will be defined as the appraised value or the lesser of the purchase value.

2. High-ratio mortgage

In this case, the amount which is borrowed is in excess of 80% of the property’s value (as much as 95%). According to the regulations, it is imperative for insuring the high-ratio mortgage against borrower default. A mortgage insurance premium will be paid by the borrower (which happens to be a certain percentage of the entire loan amount) and he is going to add this to the mortgage loan or it has to be paid beforehand in a lump sum.

Mortgage insurance needs to be purchased in case you are going to take out a high-ratio mortgage. The premium for this type of insurance is going to vary depending on the mortgage amount as well as the entire mortgage-to-price ratio. It is possible for any prospective buyer to obtain mortgage insurance premium rates on the web at present.

Where is it possible to obtain a mortgage?

As a matter of fact, shopping for a mortgage is almost similar to shopping for any other object. You will come across many financial institutions, trust companies as well as mortgage brokers who offer different types of mortgage options for financing the purchasing of your new house.

It will be a smart idea to start with your present lender or maybe a financial institution. Make it a point to consult somebody who happens to be an expert in this department since they have got loads of experience behind them. Flexible business hours are provided by an increasing number of lenders at present which includes both evening as well as weekend meetings, or you can even arrange a meeting with them at your own residence.

On top of this, it is likewise possible to go for mortgage financing by means of a mortgage broker who can boast of having access to quite a few lenders out there including banks, life insurance companies as well as trust companies. In fact, you can always expect them to “shop around” for you so as to come across the appropriate mortgage that will fit your requirements. In most cases, you need not require to pay any charges for this particular service since the brokers are going to receive a referral fee from the lender himself.

Getting Pre-Approved

A pre-approved mortgage will allow your financing to be properly organized prior to purchasing a new home. It is not difficult to arrange for pre-approved mortgage financing and also it is not going to cost much which can be afforded by any individual even with a limited budget. The final amount of mortgage will be ascertained upon reaching a final agreement with the builder.