How to Pick the Right Moving Company When Selling Your Home


Selling your home? When it comes to relocating to a new residence, there is a lot to scratch off of the to-do list. One such task? Getting everything packed and moved over! Fortunately, there are ways to take some of the burden off of your shoulders, such as hiring a moving company. But how do you select a quality moving company? In this article, we will share some tips on finding a moving company that will do the job you need the right way.

2. Don’t Agree to a Deposit

If a moving company is asking for a deposit up front, this is a red flag. A moving company that is reputable won’t ask for a deposit – rather, they will ask for their payment upon the delivery of your items. If you did end up paying before delivery, there is little control that you have over what happens to your belongings. Make sure that you are protecting yourself. When you do make your payment, use a credit card so as to be protected from fraudulent activity. Don’t use cash, and get a receipt.

3. Get an In-Depth Walkthrough

When meeting with a mover, pay attention to how they perform the walkthrough of your items. Make sure that they are thorough, and understand everything that will be going to your new home and what will not. Be prepared to give the movers a list of what you plan to leave behind and what you do want to be placed on their truck.

4. Beware of Name-Switchers

A number of moving companies operate under a variety of names in order to avoid a rating from the Better Business Bureau. When you are considering a particular moving company, make sure that they have concrete information about themselves, including a physical address. Also, make a note of how their representatives answer the phone. They should immediately answer with the full name of the business.

5. Make Use of the Internet

The internet can be a very handy tool, especially when you are searching for a reputable moving company to assist you after you sell your house. Here you can browse the website of moving businesses in your area, as well as review any assessment left behind by the Better Business Burea. In addition, pay special attention to reviews written by previous customers. Mostly positive reviews are what you are wanting to see. Mostly negative? Perhaps you should move on to another business. A good example of an A class moving company is We Move and Clean. When you google this removal services company you have more positive reviews and information than you have time on your hands to read about their moving services. This is a prime example of what you want to see. You don’t want to go with a company that only has a few reviews. Or a company that is covered with bad reviews online.

6. Ask About Packing Experience

If you decide to pack your own items, most companies won’t be reliable for any sustained damage. You can absolutely ask the company to pack your things for you, but you should ask about the experience that each individual has in regards to packing belongings in boxes for previous customers. Most packers are careful with their customers’ items, but just in case, you want to be sure that you do not end up allowing someone careless to throw your stuff into a box with little regard to what happens to everything.

7. Don’t Sign a Blank Contract

Before you sign, make sure that you have spoken with the moving company about everything that you want and that they have agreed to. Only when everything is in writing should you sign. Include the mover’s estimate, a breakdown of costs, as well as pick-up and delivery dates. Read through everything, and make sure everything you are having moved is listed. This will protect you in case something goes missing.

1. Ask for References

When you hire a moving company after you have sold your home, you want to make sure that you are protecting yourself and your items in the process. Therefore, you should begin by asking friends and family members for references. Did they have a good experience with a particular business? Take down the information and give them a call. You should also make a note of businesses that did not provide a good experience so that you do not accidentally call them for your own needs.

If you are not able to get references from a trusted source, ask for three references from each moving company that you are considering hiring. Let the business know that you need these three sources to have moved with them during the last three months, and have moved from your area. Call these references and speak with them in regards to your experience with the movers.