When Buying a Kelowna House Make the Kitchen a Priority

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Kelowna Kitchens Make a Home

In buying a Kelowna home, there are a lot of things to look at to ensure that you will make the right decision. A significant amount of money is needed in buying a home making it a significant investment on your part as a buyer. To come to the right decision, you need to be armed with the right information and one of the things that you need to be aware of is the cost involved in buying a house. The kitchen is a priority that you have to consider most
A dream kitchen is one that looks neat and stylish with everything on hand so that cooking is a breeze. While everyone wishes to have a charming kitchen, many are perplexed about where to start on the designing aspects
Unfortunately, kitchen design gets relegated to the backseat and stays there until all bedrooms, drawing rooms, living areas, and even bathrooms are done. The result is a hotchpotch plan that barely covers the basic requirements of a kitchen.

Kitchens deserve special consideration when buying a home

The kitchen is a priority of your home, and you just cannot neglect this integral part of the house. Recent surveys reveal that today many families spend up to 90 percent of their waking time at home in the kitchen area! This living space is a hub of activity and can bring the entire family together for cooking, enjoying a meal, and even some relaxing conversation.

That is why designing a Kelowna home kitchen deserves as much thought as you would expand on. Say, cooking a favorite dish to perfection.

The basic function of a kitchen is a place to prepare food. While you want a beautiful place that will draw you in and make you want to spend time there, functionality should always get top priority over all other design elements. You should be able to cook smoothly and comfortably without getting overly bothered by other things.
Do not limit yourself to utilitarian and straightforward countertops, cabinets and a cooking island for preparing food. If it is spacious enough, you can incorporate a dining area, seating area, and even a fireplace to bring further value to the place!
It is advisable to begin the design by building on a concept. If you do not have any particular style in mind, you can always visit some kitchen design stores and browse through the various kitchen vignettes that are on display. This will give you an idea about the different styles of traditional, casual, contemporary, open plan, transitional, and more.
Think regarding microwave, oven, water purifier, dishwasher, coffee bar, pantry, warming drawers, and so on. The kitchen design should be kept flexible enough to incorporate new appliances that keep hitting the market.

Always ensure that your kitchen has ample storage in such a way that there is a space for everything.
You can even use the services of an interior designer or certified designer who will be familiar with the ins and outs of designing a well-functioning and attractive kitchen. He/she will work on the design and layout intricacies before configuring a unique space that perfectly meets your needs.
There are a lot of colours and selections in countertops, cabinets and drawers in the market. You can choose from well-appointed modular design options or get something exclusively custom-designed for yourself.
Playing around with interesting lighting options like task-specific, accent and even under the counter can add a dramatic feel to your kitchen. Keep all these in mind while looking for your precious home to purchase.

Kelowna Home financing

Financing For Kelowna Home Purchase – Facts You Must Know


Buying and Financing a Kelowna House


It can be quite daunting to purchase your first home, and in fact, the majority of the individuals become quite overwhelmed at these times. However, you can make the process simpler by taking a realistic look at what you will be able to afford as well as how you will be paying for it. Similar to many other individuals, you can opt for financing for home purchase with a mortgage loan. In the following paragraphs, we have thrown some light on this particular topic in detail.

Types of Mortgages

1. Conventional mortgage

This will apply to those situations where the amount of the loan is less than 80% of the value of the Kelowna Home property which will be defined as the appraised value or the lesser of the purchase value.

2. High-ratio mortgage

In this case, the amount which is borrowed is in excess of 80% of the property’s value (as much as 95%). According to the regulations, it is imperative for insuring the high-ratio mortgage against borrower default. A mortgage insurance premium will be paid by the borrower (which happens to be a certain percentage of the entire loan amount) and he is going to add this to the mortgage loan or it has to be paid beforehand in a lump sum.

Mortgage insurance needs to be purchased in case you are going to take out a high-ratio mortgage. The premium for this type of insurance is going to vary depending on the mortgage amount as well as the entire mortgage-to-price ratio. It is possible for any prospective buyer to obtain mortgage insurance premium rates on the web at present.

Where is it possible to obtain a mortgage?

As a matter of fact, shopping for a mortgage is almost similar to shopping for any other object. You will come across many financial institutions, trust companies as well as mortgage brokers who offer different types of mortgage options for financing the purchasing of your new house.

It will be a smart idea to start with your present lender or maybe a financial institution. Make it a point to consult somebody who happens to be an expert in this department since they have got loads of experience behind them. Flexible business hours are provided by an increasing number of lenders at present which includes both evening as well as weekend meetings, or you can even arrange a meeting with them at your own residence.

On top of this, it is likewise possible to go for mortgage financing by means of a mortgage broker who can boast of having access to quite a few lenders out there including banks, life insurance companies as well as trust companies. In fact, you can always expect them to “shop around” for you so as to come across the appropriate mortgage that will fit your requirements. In most cases, you need not require to pay any charges for this particular service since the brokers are going to receive a referral fee from the lender himself.

Getting Pre-Approved

A pre-approved mortgage will allow your financing to be properly organized prior to purchasing a new home. It is not difficult to arrange for pre-approved mortgage financing and also it is not going to cost much which can be afforded by any individual even with a limited budget. The final amount of mortgage will be ascertained upon reaching a final agreement with the builder.

Importance of a Kelowna Home Inspection


Kelowna Home inspection is an essential process that must be done before one decides to buy a house.


Our inexperienced eyes might miss out the small glitches in the electricity board or the water pipes outside the house. Most probably we might not even ask about the condition of the gutter line. These things matter when we are about to invest in a house.

Kelowna Home Inspectors are here to do that work for you. They are certified professionals who inspect each and every corner of the house before you make a decision to buy it. You don’t even have to break a sweat.

Once an home-inspector gives a thorough report of the condition of the property, be fearless to invest. They will look inside-out of the whole structure. Starting from the structure of the house, to electrical connectivity, pipelines, flooring and much more, they see everything, saving you from unexpected expenses.

Moreover, home-inspectors are trained professionals. Companies which provide these services are usually licensed, and it is suggested to contact a trusted agency for the service. The inspectors are well aware and educated about the architectural structures, efficient with their tools and use various modern technologies for their work.

There is no room for amateurs in the inspection business, and you may ask about thier license. Inspectors hold a good amount of experience and might often be seen working with a supervisor or a trainee. Their valuable insights always help the customers in making the right choices.

A technician adheres to the standard of practice and understands all the needs of their clients. They are strict with their code of ethics and are supposed to be unbiased with their reviews. Honesty is essential in such an industry and they are trained to uphold that value.

One can expect an inspector-man to inspect a house as if they are buying it for themselves. Getting a one done is also inexpensive. It won’t incur many costs compared to the damage one might have to face in case of a damaged house. Many home inspectors also help their clients in negotiating repairs expenses. They act as a mediator to help you understand the damage and giving an expert report on what can be done.

Most of the house components which are inspected are –










Vapour barriers

Along with the components, they make sure that warranties and repair verifications are also done. They just don’t leave once their day work is done. Home inspectors will always verify and ask for feedback. They will make sure that the repairs are done on time and things are settled for their clients after moving into the house.

Inspectors have several services that range from package to kind of property. According to the package, some inspection agencies provide 6-12 months of extended advice and guarantee as well. If legal services or papers are required then they even advice for one.

Kelowna Vacation home

How to buy a Kelowna waterfront house or condo

lake front properties5 Tips for purchasing a Kelowna waterfront property

It might prove to be quite challenging when it comes to buying a house given that there is a constant change in the rules at present. Apart from regulations, we need to consider other aspects as well prior to purchasing any property. Below, we have mentioned some useful guidelines on how to buy a Kelowna waterfront house or condo that can make you feel proud as an owner.

1. Employ a BC Lawyer

The first thing that one ought to do before buying an apartment will be to employ a legal practitioner by paying him a certain amount of money. An average customer will not be able to understand things like title searches, approvals from the authorities, land use agreements, taxation and so on. However, you can easily rely on a lawyer who will be able to guide you properly on topics related to the purchasing of properties. A property title search will help you to understand  shore line rights.

2. Estimate of Total Ownership Cost

The total ownership expenses will include not only the builder quotes but parking fees, registration charges, stamp duty, property tax, maintenance fees, and so forth. In fact, all these can consist of over 20% of the property’s bare cost. Furthermore, one must likewise be able to comprehend the property’s final usable area especially if it is under construction. On most occasions, the sale will consider only the super built-up area which can affect the total cost of ownership in the long run.

3. Neighbors

You must always check whether your next-door neighbors are like-minded or belong to the same age group as yours. Neighbors that are of different mental setup can start fighting with one another thus leading to undesirable consequences eventually. If the neighbors are not homogeneous, it will be impossible to take decisions on the maintenance of the house, parking spaces, and the number of securities, using escalators, allowing pets, and so forth. Also, the income levels of the would-be neighbors should be almost similar to that of yours thus avoiding any sort of ill-feeling towards each other.

4. Kelowna Lakeshore Locations

It is imperative to talk to the watchman of any particular building we are interested in regarding the condition of water supply, domestic help facilities, electricity supply, neighboring grocery outlets, fitness centers, health clinics, schools, colleges, and so on. We should also find out whether any existing small neighboring building has the potential to be transformed into a taller one in future that can block our view permanently. In case you are purchasing the house as an investment, try to visualize through the eyes of your prospective tenant whether he will be impressed by the location of that property. Also, the location of the house near any railway station and shopping mall will be an added advantage.

5. Be Familiar with your builder

Any reputable real estate company or your builder particularly in Canada has the ability to offer you a dream abode without any problem whatsoever. Even though you might require paying a premium, a competent builder is definitely worth the premium when taking into account a life investment plus a stress-free life. Moreover, it would be a sensible idea to perform research on any other project delivered by the builder or which is still under construction, and this can be done by talking to the other house buyers in the locality.

We happen to be a real estate company based in Canada which will make the process of purchasing any apartment absolute fun and free from any hassles whatsoever. Our real estate agents are going to guide you through the entire process while dealing with any problematic area along the way.

Kelowna home inspection

Kelowna Vacation Homes


If you have ever wanted to stay at a home away from home some of the options today include  AIR BNB  or a Bed and Breakfast. Almost anywhere in the world that you go there are opportunities to rent someone’s home or condos. Prices will vary depending on the time of year and the amenites

Kelowna Vacation Homes


If you are planning on visiting Kelowna BC there are many opportunities to rent a Kelowna Vacation home or condominium.  Many home owners will purchase a condo as an investment property or a second house that they can lease out on short term rentals. It is important to look on a map to see where the property is located and how far it is located from the beach or golf courses. It is also pertinent to see if you can find any reviews on the property. Some have amazing views, are in good condition and in great locations, but it is on the renter to do their research before sending a deposit.



The weather is usually good but check for the weather reports for the time of year you are planning your trip. August and September are normally great months, but August can be very busy with tourists. July can be good but also can have rain.



Plan your activities if you are arriving during the busy season. Wine tours, golf courses, water sports, boating, hiking, trail or road biking etc.  The lifestyle offers many outdoor activities.

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